My Dear Child,

I know the path through which you are going. I can see the burden that you are surrounded by. I have seen the continuous pressures exerted on you by those around you… I also saw you struggling and feeling “lost and lonely” without even having strength to be able to bear it all. Have you forgotten that I am the God who sees you?

I saw you trapped in the desert;
you were wandering to find water.

I can hear the cry of your heart which is longing for comfort and I heard you shouting by the countryside saying “Isn’t there anyone in this big wide world to comfort me? Isn’t there anyone who can probably try to understand me and just listen to me?” – I heard that!

I saw you weeping because you were being totally misunderstood by everyone, many times you were cheated by the ones you trusted. I have seen that you have been rejected by your own family. Don’t cry my dear child! I will never leave you. I am standing by your side. I will comfort you and heal your broken heart! I will help you out of this mess! Don’t be afraid! I will lift you up and make sure you walk head up high in the same place where you were put to shame. I will bless your family because of you. They will see that and acknowledge that you have been the reason to bring in blessing into the family!

I know that you are confused and that you are thinking in circles, its the same thoughts over and over again; you are asking: “Why? Why must I face all these problems?” You are aware that not even a single hair of your head will fall down without my knowledge; and if at all I allow it, it will only be for your good! I have plans to prosper you and to give you a great future and a hope; I have never ever thought of plans that will harm you, you are mine! But when the evil one comes around and tries to cause havoc in your life I will stand by your side and counsel you as to how you can easily overcome his tactics.

My Dear Child,

when you do go through tough paths, remember you are not alone! I am carrying you! I am leading you in the paths of righteousness for my Name’s sake. I am taking you towards those green pastures and still refreshing waters to rejuvenate your soul.  But just so you know, when you follow your sinful instincts they will seem to be enjoyable and good but they ultimately lead you towards the path of destruction. They lead you into a horrible pit and miry clay and make you feel even more dirty and eventually destroy you. I know the path in which you are going.

I know you are dismayed and startled at the number of attempts of the evil one to pull you into sin. He is trying to allure you and thinks that you’ll be gullible enough to give in to his wicked schemes. But I have confidence in you! I know you will stand by my side when temptation comes your way! My dear child, be by my side! Don’t go far away from me and follow vanity, don’t leave me for I am the Living Water that can quench your thirst. I have given you the strength to overcome every temptation that comes in your life. I assure you that there is no temptation that you won’t be able to overcome.

My Dear Child,

I am moulding you and making you into a fine person. You are my masterpiece and I am taking my time to fashion you! I will make you a vessel of high value, you are an honourable vessel! You will bring joy to many people. So do not fear, I the Lord your God will make the sun of righteousness shine upon you who fear me! Your darkness will flee away and there will be light! See, I am doing a new thing! Forget all of the bitter experiences of the past. From this day I will bless you! Do not fear, do not be dismayed, for I the Lord your God am with you. I will turn even the ghastly things that came across your life into good and pleasant things! There is just one thing that you need to do, you need to look up unto me! I will make your face brighten up. Do not wander here and there, but seek my face! My child, you are mine. I will not give you up to anyone else. I will be tender and merciful to you.

You belong to me! I am your God! Do not fear! Be with me! I will take care of everything.