Jesus Youth Ministries (JYM) has been working among young people for the past 17 years with the vision:

Deliverance among youth;

Revival among youth.

We believe that deliverance causes a revival to breakthrough!

We remember the humble beginnings of this mission in the year 1999. It is only by the grace of God that today we stand as a mission that reaches out with the love of Christ to more than 100,000 young people each year!

There is a severe competition for the lives of young people! The armies of the world want young people, sex-workers want young people, cinema producers want young people…. The list goes on…

but… Young lives actually belong to God! That’s right, young lives belong to God!! You, my friend, belong to God!


In the year 1999 the Holy Spirit moved four young men, who were friends, into a new realm of faith. Their hearts burned with a passion for young people, for young lives to be touched by the love of God. Tears would run down their cheeks when they saw young people wasting their lives in scandalous living.

What a waste it is to flush 10 trillion dollars into the toilet when it can be used for many constructive purposes?

A young life is worth much more than many thousands of trillions of dollars!

With this burden in their hearts these young men began to pray and to seek the Lord. That is when the Lord in His providence implanted this vision to these four friends.

These four men were then led to the scriptures where Jesus encountered Legion, a demoniac and after some detailed study we began to see the similarities of today’s youth with this man. (Luke 8:26 – 39)

When this man who was called as Legion was under the bondage of demons he:

  • Was too hard to control – he wouldn’t care to listen to anyone!
  • Was bound in chains – in addictions that he couldn’t shake off
  • Stayed in tombs among dead people – had the wrong fellowship (friendship)
  • Was naked – being nude was cool to him, he loved to show off his naked body!
  • Was hurting himself with stones – his heart and body were filled with wounds.
  • He would hurt anyone who came near him – no real (good) friends!
  • He was screaming – shouting at others was his way of life!
  • Was lonely most of the time, he never allowed anyone near him.

When Jesus delivered this man from the clutches of demons there were remarkable changes:

  • He immediately sat at the feet of Jesus – his prayer life begins.
  • He was clothed! A sense of decency comes into his life!
  • He was in his “right mind” – his thought life becomes clean.
  • His desire was to be with Jesus!
  • He received a mandate from Jesus to proclaim the “great” good news!
  • He went to ten cities (Decapolis) telling people of what God had done to him.
  • He was united with his family again!

Well, this is what we at Jesus Youth Ministries (JYM) are aiming at doing!

The Bible says that when Jesus is revealed then all the works of the enemy (Satan) are destroyed (1John 3:8). When young people see Jesus revealed through His word, His love, His miracles, His peace through the ministry they are transformed into new creations! Our heart is to reveal the love of Jesus through various means to young people in India and in other nations. When young people are delivered and set free from the bondages of sin and rebellion then a revival is imminent! With 73% of the population of India being below the age of 35 and the majority of the population of the world also falling in this age group it is imperative that young people are reached with the love of God.

Today, Jesus Youth Ministries (JYM) has 10 full-time staff and Two Leaders pacing through various parts of India and “revealing” Jesus to the multitude of young people. We reach approximately 100,000 young people each year! (This number excludes the vast media audience that is reached on a weekly basis in a few districts in Tamilnadu and in other cities across India).